Welcome to Oasis Yoga Singapore
Yoga is a very broad and in depth life-long experiential practice that can be rewarding and enriching. Benefits of engaging in yoga practice are many, and include, from a gross level of physical health and increased awareness, to more subtle levels of a focused mind.


All students attending classes in person are requested to:

- register in advance (limited students per class), also give advance notice if you are unable to attend so the space can be allocated to another person
- wash your hands or use hand-sanitizer upon entry
- Do SafeEntry check-in and check-out
- keep safe distance of at least 1 metre apart and wear a mask
- bring your own personal yoga mat if you wish.
- bring your own personal hand towels and big towel to cover equipment during use (especially porous / fabric)
- All equipment and surfaces that can be physically wiped down are requested to be cleaned by students after class.
- any volunteers to assist with disinfecting and small cleaning up of common areas (e.g door knobs, taps, hand rails etc) would be very much appreciated!
- not socialise before and after class (sorry!)
- make bank transfer or PayNow for payment to minimise cash contact if possible

Thank you!

Upcoming Events

Peter ThomsonPeter Thomson

Teacher Development  Yoga Intensives
Peter Thomson
General Level Yoga Workshop
Peter Thomson

On Going Programmes

Basic / Intro Yoga with Timothy Khoo
Yoga for Kids Meditation Practice

Yoga Basics
For those who are new to yoga!
Yoga for Kids
Ages 11 to 14 years
Sundays, 9:45 to 10:45am
Guided Meditation Classes
Fridays 7:15 to 8.45pm