Welcome to Oasis Yoga Singapore
Yoga is a very broad and in depth life-long experiential practice that can be rewarding and enriching. Benefits of engaging in yoga practice are many, and include, from a gross level of physical health and increased awareness, to more subtle levels of a focused mind.


- Prior registration and booking essential.
- Verification of vaccination status required (attendance of class possible regardless of status)
- 2 metre safe distancing during class, 3 metres between groups, 1 metre safe distancing all other times.

Upcoming Events

Peter ThomsonPeter Thomson

Teacher Development  Yoga Intensives
Peter Thomson
General Level Yoga Workshop
Peter Thomson

On Going Programmes

Basic / Intro Yoga with Timothy Khoo
Meditation Practice

Yoga Basics
For those who are new to yoga!
Guided Meditation Classes
Fridays 7:15 to 8.45pm