Timothy Khoo

Timothy started practicing yoga since 2002 and has been running Oasis Holistic since 2003. He started teaching from 2004. He is under the tutelage of Peter Thomson since 2005.  Timothy enjoys the yoga learning process and its continual deepening development and involvement. He is deeply appreciative of his personal growth from the yoga practice and looks to bring that into his classes.

Classes with Timothy Khoo
(Till end June 2024)

Mondays  6:30 - 8:30am  Intermediate

Wednesdays  6:45 - 8:30am  General

Wednesdays  6:45 - 8:30pm  General 

Thursdays  6:30 - 8:45am  Intermediate

Saturdays  6:45 - 9:00am  Intermediate

Saturdays  9:15 - 11:00am  General

New Classes with Timothy
(From July 2024)

Please register your interest, class will commence after confirming the minimum number.

[Online] Mondays  5:45 - 7:30am  General

[Online] Wednesdays  5:30 - 7:30am  Guided Self Practice

[Online] Saturdays  5:30 - 7:30am  Intermediate