What Our Students Say

"I have what my yoga teacher, Erika Khoo would call “a monkey mind”. I am always bogged down by worries, real and imaginary I cannot tell. On top of that I am a cripple, having been struck by poliomyelitis since childhood. But once a week for one and a half hour as I attend yoga lesson I learn to release all these worries and tensions. As I listen to my teacher and follow her instructions I am liberated from the shackles of my mind and my physical handicap. For one and a half hour I become intensely aware that I have a soul that goes beyond the intellect and all that is perceivable through the five senses. During this time I make peace with my sadness, my worries and fears and let them pass through me as I breathe and go through the asanas. Hence my crippled leg is no longer a blight on my life but rather a part of me to be cared for with compassion because yoga is about aligning my mind, my heart and my body , even if it is imperfect.
Erika’s peaceful way of teaching causes me to become very conscious of the benevolence of God and the need to be compassionate with oneself and others. I always come away from yoga feeling refreshed and recharged to receive whatever lessons life has in store for me."
- Ong Siok Cheng, 39, 25/9/2003

"Thank you Erika for your patience and guidance during my “convalescence” period. When I first started yoga in October 2002, I was unsure if my health could be improved as my GP had always been telling me that brisk walking is a better choice. At that time my Blood Pressure reading was 160/90. I came from a high-risk family as my father was suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and finally died of stroke in 1981. Since I did not want to burden my family I decided to start on a course of Yoga to test the ground. Surprisingly after a few months I noticed my blood pressure started to return to normal reading. At that time, I could never find time for myself. It was always family first. I often heard myself saying everyone could fall sick but not me. Even if I was unwell, I could not bring myself to take medicine as it means I will be wasting time lying in bed not doing anything. Worry really soaks up our time and energy. When you introduced meditation to our class, I began to slow down and listen to my inner self. Only then did I realize that within each of us lies an oasis of inner peace. I discovered my true self and started to shower myself with love as I believe I am here for a purpose. I feel loved and calmer than before. Daily blood pressure reading is normal."
- Violet Tan, 21/9/2004

"It's really great that you guys are putting together all these workshops. You are really living up to your shala's name, i.e. a place where travelling yogis come to take rest and impart; where local yogis go to imbibe at the wellspring of inspiration the travelling yogis bring. Good stuff! ... John Scott was a real treat. Thanks for putting that together..."
- Matthias Lee, 16/2/2005

"I have been suffering from constant neck-aches, shoulder-aches and head-aches for a few years. I consumed panadols, muscle relaxants, etc. to ease these pains. Ever since I started Yoga, these pains are slowly disappearing and I stopped taking medication. Constant practice has helped to improve my health."
- Joan Gip, 23/11/2005

"I am delighted that John Scott will be in Singapore once again... Really appreciate the effort you take to bring in the best teachers. You have contributed greatly to the rising standard of yoga in Singapore."
- Lalitha Jayakumar , 18/2/2006