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Yeoh Su Unn 杨素恩

Yeoh Su Unn

Yeoh Su Unn
Yeoh Su Unn started practicing yoga in 2007. As she immerse in the practice, the asana work on the mat moved beyond the physical realm and evolved into something that nourished and nurtured her entire being. Her practice focuses on developing awareness and observation of existing conditions and from there, adjusting to fulfill the potential.

Su Unn has been studying with Peter Thomson, senior Iyengar teacher, since 2008 and continues to develop her practice under his guidance. She is a certified Iyengar teacher and holds an Introductory Level II certificate.

Prior to teaching yoga, Su Unn worked at Disney Channel Southeast Asia as a research analyst, studying kids behaviour and their media habits. Most recently, she was a program scheduler at BBC Worldwide, planning the tv schedule for the preschool channel, CBeebies.

For additional information about Su Unn, visit her Facebook Page.


素恩2007年开始练习瑜伽。2008年遇见资深艾扬格导师Peter Thomson并开始在他的指导下受训。



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