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Yap Meng Chuan 叶铭钏

Yap Meng Chuan has been teaching yoga since 2001. He has been awarded teaching certificates from The International Sivananda Yoga Vendanta Centre, India, and Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation. Meng Chuan has completed a diploma course in Svastha Yoga and Ayurveda under A.G. Mohan, a renowned yoga master based in India. Meng Chuan believes in continuous learning, and sharing his deeper understanding of the practice with his students. His teaching style reflects the inspiration behind his own studies and explorations.


Meng Chuan's classes are on Tuesday mornings at 9.30 to 11am. His classes are accessible to both English and Mandarin speaking students.

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Visit Meng Chuan's webpage www.mengyoga.com for more information or call Oasis at +65 6442 2881


铭钏从 2001 年便开始教导瑜伽。 他也获颁 “The International Sivananda Yoga Vendanta Centre” , “Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation” ,和 “Svastha Yoga and Ayurveda Organisation” 的瑜伽教学证书。

Svastha 瑜伽介绍班