Yoga Workshop

                    with Erika Khoo                   

Hari Raya Special

17 July 2015, Friday 10:30am to 12:30pm

Gratitude Yoga with Erika Khoo

“It is your Attitude, not your Aptitude

That determines your Altitude”

As a healthy human being, living in Singapore, we take our health, our security and clean water for granted.

What if we are born without any of these? What we take for granted can be taken away at any time, including our life! So why are human beings so ungrateful with what we have and desire what we do not have? It all boils down to inner peace.
So come and experience it!

Fees: $35.00

Registration: Please call 64422881 or email practice@oasisyoga.sg

Erika Khoo has been practicing yoga since 1972 and has been teaching since 1975. Her first teacher was Mr. Eradi who is a disciple of Vishudevananda from India. Since then she has obtained a diploma with the British Wheel of Yoga. Thereafter she obtained her advanced teaching diploma in Sivananda Yoga. She started classes with Peter Thomson in 2002 and thereafter received Iyengar certification in 2011. Erika is the director of Oasis Holistic. Yoga is her life and that is where her practice and teaching comes from.