Yoga Intensive with Peter Thomson

Peter is a senior teacher in the Iyengar tradition
23 to 30 October 2010

23 October (Sat) 1 to 4pm
24 October (Sun) 8 to 11am, 1 to 3pm
25 to 29 October (Mon - Fri) 6.30 to 8.30am
30 October (Sat) 7.30 to 10.30am

Total of 21 hours

The yoga intensive works to build some foundation in students from which they can derive their own understanding. Peter's approach is process-based rather than prescriptive and is built off the establishment of clear perceptual foundations.

All students are expected to maintain a practice over the period between the intensives.

Practice sheets will be provided.

Note: Open to experienced students. Should for example be accomplished in headstand /shoulderstand.

Limited to 32 participants

SGD $525.00 for October 2010 Intensive

Please call us at +65 64422881. Please make cheques payable to OASIS HOLISTIC and post it to us. Places are confirmed upon receipt of payment.

About Peter Thomson
Peter Thomson has been practicing yoga since 1979 and a student of the Iyengar family since 1981. He has traveled to Pune to study at the Iyengar Institute in excess of 20 times in the period and has been a participant in some special intensives and courses at the Institute over the years, including the backbend intensive with Mr. Iyengar in 1991.

He founded or co-founded a number of significant schools in Sydney (The Yoga Space, The Sydney Yoga Centre, Mosman Yoga Room) and in 1988 founded the Glebe Yoga School. In 2002, Peter founded the Sydney Yoga Space. Peter is one of Australia's most senior and most experienced teachers and practitioners. From September 2007, his teaching will focus on the intensive courses in regional centres around Australasia and Asia and on intensive practice-based retreats typically in Bali.

Peter’s particular interest in the practice and teaching of yoga is the depth of perception, inquiry and understanding that sustained practice can develop and in making that understanding accessible to students so they can claim it as their own.