Insight Meditation with Lynne Bousfield

Weekend Non-Residential Retreat

Saturday April 10: 9am – 4pm

Sunday April 11: 8am – 1pm 

Vipassana (Insight) meditation is the development of understanding or “insight” through the cultivation of mindfulness. The understanding we develop equips us to help ourselves with our lives, to find happiness by knowing where to look. Mindfulness transforms confusion and painful emotions into mental stillness, composure and clarity. 

This weekend is open to those who have prior practice experience with Lynne or a background of committed meditation practice preferably in an Insight tradition, to continue to refine and deepen your understanding of the meditation practice and its integration into daily life.

Please bring your own lunch on Saturday. Oasis will provide tea. 

Retreat cost: there is no set fee to cover Oasis’s or Lynne’s costs – the weekend is offered on Dana. 

Dana: Traditionally the teachings of the Buddha have been offered and supported by the practice of dana. Dana means generosity: the relinquishing of self-interest that allows the extension of goodwill through the understanding that our happiness depends on what we practice. Dana to a teacher is a subtle and sophisticated approach to the teacher/student exchange – as such an appropriate dana cannot be prescribed but requires sensitivity to its intent and awareness of how the responsibility for costs and expenses associated with the teachings is met (for example, that venue costs and the airfare and livelihood of the teacher are borne collectively by the participating students). 

Registration: Registration is required, please call us at +65 64422881.

About Lynne Bousfield: In 1975 Lynne began practising Insight meditation in BodhGaya, India and continued her study in Burma, when it became possible to undertake long-term practise there in 1980. She has returned to Burma regularly for intensive practice and to develop her understanding of meditation. She helped establish Vipassana Meditation in Australia and was co-founder of the Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre (BMIMC). She teaches meditation retreats and courses regularly in Australia and Asia. 

Lynne began working as a clinical psychologist in Sydney in 1992 and has developed a unique and special combination of skills from her meditation and clinical training. Her meditation understanding has allowed her to teach clients to apply mindfulness to loosen the grip of distressing emotions and thereby transform daily suffering into a happier, engaged life. Lynne is regularly invited to speak and present on her clinical work at national and international psychology conferences.