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More Information about Online Yoga Sessions

Pre-Registration is essential.

You will need:
  1. A space for your practice
  2. Yoga mat and props / equipment, whatever is available to you
  3. Preferably a quiet surrounding
  4. Set aside the time and request your family members/ housemates to give you this special uninterrupted time (as much as possible)
Do prepare your setup in advance, so that we can begin at the appointed time promptly:
  1. Your phone / tablet / laptop with a video cam and microphone, you might find having a headset helpful.
  2. Install online video conferencing app in advance.
  3. Have registered an account with the video conferencing service (If necessary)
  4. Preferably have a consistent and stable internet connection
  5. Find out how to mute and unmute the call
  6. Adequate lighting so that your teacher can see you
Regular class fees are applicable.