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Dana Contributions for Online Sessions

Traditionally teachings have been offered and supported by the practice of dana or dakshina. 

In the practice of dana, a practitioner seeks to develop the positive characteristics of generosity. This practice empowers us to extend goodwill in providing support in various ways to the teaching, tradition and practice, which in turn support the community and practitioners. 

Our current situation (online) adaption to this is in the form of a bank transfer. 

The amount is not fixed, and is subjective and according to each person’s circumstance and intention.

Bank transfer or PayNow details can be provided upon registration of classes or upon request, If you wish to make any dana contributions for the month or event, please include your teacher’s name and the class(es) attended in the comments of the bank transfer. If you are unable to do so, you can send us an email at to clarify. Kindly assist us admin-wise to complete these (optional) transfers before the end of the month.