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June Holidays Kids Yoga Camp

4, 5 and 6 June 2018
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 2 to 5pm
Yoga Kids Angeline Goh
Introduction to Yoga for Kids
7-13 years old

Introduce your child to the practice of Yoga. Yoga helps children to develop inner strength, sensitivity and is a means to learn about themselves through a wide range of body movements. By practising this wonderful science and art, children can blossom into healthy, well-balanced men and women with strong bodies, clear minds and pure hearts.

Class will include learning of yamas, niyamas, sanskrit names and asanas.

Learn 34 asanas (poses) in 3 days, 9 hours.

Fees: $160 per child

Buddy Rewards

Sign up with a friend to receive 15% discount each ($136 / child).
Sign up with 2 friends to receive 20% discount each ($128 / child).
Sign up with 3 friends to receive 25% discount each ($120 / child).

Registration: Please call 64422881 or email

Angeline Goh
started practicing yoga in 2004 to find relief from the stress of her office job. When the practice helped to alleviate her many aches and pains, she decided to take up teacher training to deepen her understanding of yoga and help others. Angeline is a student of Peter Thomson and received her Introductory Level II Iyengar yoga teacher certification in 2011.