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Pranayama and Meditation with Mala

Pranayama is one of the basic practices of yoga. Put simply it is the art and science of breathing. It begins with the practice of building a deeper awareness of the breaths. With this awareness – one then progress to learn a series of breathing techniques aimed at harnessing the power of the breaths which can seek to enhance our well being, both physical and psycho-emotional. Like the practice of asanas, the benefits of pranayama practice is enormous on multiple levels. The class usually starts with a soft asana practice and ends with a short meditation session.

Interested students must have at least done yoga for one year.

Conducted on the last Tuesday of every month, 7 to 9pm.

Please email Oasis at or call 64422881.

About Mala

Mala has been practicing Iyengar yoga since 1988, and teaching since 2000. As part of her training Mala has trained with the Iyengar family namely Geeta Iyengar and Prashant Iyengar, as well as attended workshops and retreats with senior teachers including Ramanand Patel, Rodney Yee and Shandor Remete. Her main teacher and mentor is Peter Thomson, a founding member of the Australian BKS Iyengar Yoga Association. Mala is an ageing specialist / gerontologist by profession having spent more than three decades in the field of ageing and health at various levels. She recently set up her own consultancy and training agency on ageing - AGE MATTERS (
AGE MATTERS is dedicated to helping the development of ageing in Singapore and the region across policy, practise as well as research.
The spheres of yoga and ageing and health are deeply intertwined enabling Mala to deal effectively with many health and wellness issues that students might present.

Mala Manap Yoga