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Class Fees Examples

  • Andy attends Erika's Friday evening class, for the month of July 2018.
There are 4 Fridays in July 2018, at the once a week rate
4 x $25.00 = $100.00
  • Bella attends Mala's Saturday morning class and Su Unn's Thursday evening class for the month of July 2018.
There are 4 Saturdays and 4 Thursdays, at the twice a week rate
4 + 4 = 8 lessons; 8 x $23.00 = $184.00
Mala's Saturday morning classes are 2 hour classes, top up fee of $6 applies
4 x $6 = $24
Total fees: $184 + $24 = $208
  • Chandra attends Timothy's Thursday morning class, for the month of August 2018
    However, there is no class on 9 August 2018 public holiday*. Thus Chandra arranges to attend another class on an available date.
    * Other situations where there might not have a class would be when the teacher is away, or there is an event or workshop during the period. Please check with your teacher regarding class schedule
There are 4 Thursdays for August 2018, 3 regular Thursdays and 1 make up class
4 lessons, 4 x $25.00 = $100.00
  • Delia is traveling and away from 1 to 4 July and 28 to 31 July 2018. She attends Maureen's Wednesday morning class and Akiko's Saturday morning class, for the month of July 2018.
There are 4 Wednesdays, but Delia is away for 1 Wednesday; and 4 Saturdays, but she is away for 1 Saturday, thus the total number of lessons for the month of July would be 6.
6 lessons, 6 x 25 = $150.00
  • Eddy does not stay in Singapore but has unpredictable business trips into Singapore
Eddy emails Oasis at to register when he is coming for class and makes the flexible fee payment of $33.00
  • Faridah has been enjoying the lessons and wants to make yoga classes a regular part of her schedule. She registers for the Term Enrollment from July to September 2018 for Audrey's Tuesday morning class and Lena's Saturday afternoon class. Full payment is made at the beginning of the term.

    There are 13 Tuesdays and 13 Saturdays for the July to September Term.
    26 lessons x $21 = $546
    Lena's Saturday class is a 2 hour class, top up fee of $5 applies for Term Enrollment
    13 x $5 = $65
    Total fees: $546 + 65 = $611

  • Geraldine is committed to the Term enrollment but would be traveling for about 3 weeks from 8 to 27 August 2018. She has registered for Meng Chuan's class on Tuesdays and registered for Ying's Friday morning class for make up classes for the time she is traveling.

    There are 13 Tuesdays for the July to September 2018 term, and Geraldine is away for 2 Tuesdays.
    Thus 11 Tuesdays and 2 Friday make up classes.
    13 x $23 = $299.00

  • Hana starts class in August with Angeline on Wednesdays and Elain on Sundays. She starts off with the monthly enrollment for August and September and commences the Term enrollment from October 2018.

Please speak with your teacher for clarifications. Thank you and see you at class!