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Yoga Class Fees

Notice: Please note that there will be revised fees from July 2018. More details to follow. Thank you!

Monthly Enrollment Yoga Class Fees

Once a week $23.00  per lesson
(minimum 4 lessons per calendar month)

Twice a week  $21.00  per lesson
(minimum 8 lessons
per calendar month)

Three times a week or more  
$18.00  per lesson
(minimum 12 lessons
per calendar month)

* Additional  $5  per class for 2 hour classes

Flexible Yoga Class Fees

$30.00  per lesson - Please call to register for the class

* Additional  
$5  for 2 hour classes

Please note:
Enrollments have fixed day and time.
Please inform us in advance during registration of classes of your travel plans or job commitments for us to arrange for the alternative make up classes.
Please make full payment on the last week of the month, prior to commencement of classes for the next month.

View some class fee examples
  • Senior Citizens enjoy 10% discount
  • Students enjoy 20% discount
  • All prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD)
  • Payment forms accepted at Cash or Cheques made payable to OASIS HOLISTIC
  • Fees are non transferable and not refundable
Other fees are applicable for Workshops or Events

Corporate Yoga Classes
Contact us to make arrangements for classes for you and your colleagues.