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Gradual Re-opening of Oasis for Phase 2 (update)

posted Jun 19, 2020, 12:46 AM by Oasis Yoga Singapore   [ updated Jun 19, 2020, 12:47 AM ]
Dear Everyone,

Thank you to all who have responded regarding the re-opening of Oasis. 

Some of you have shared much enthusiasm for returning to class, and some have valid concerns. 

We will be opening up classes gradually and in small stages. I have requested for Erika to start her classes in a couple of weeks (at least) and will be covering her classes that we are able to open up in the meantime (worry about her due to her age). Likewise, I would also request for those of you who are more senior (in age) or have health concerns, to return to in-person classes at a slightly later date. That way we have this period to observe the infection numbers since the commencement of Phase 2. 

The latest guidelines we received from the Sports Council is that the group size for classes are capped at 5 participants, excluding the teacher (total 6). We have made some enquiries and will maintain these guidelines till we have further information and adjust accordingly. 

Safe distancing measures are 1 metre apart; and 2 metres apart during classes. Yoga is not considered high intensity, thus 2m safe distancing; while some other activities are considered high intensity, then 3m safe distancing applies. 

Mandatory are SafeEntry check-in and check-out, wearing of masks while not engaged in strenuous activity. 

All students attending classes in person are requested to:
- register in advance (5 student max per class), also give advance notice if you are unable to attend so the space can be allocated to another person
- wash your hands or use hand-sanitizer upon entry
- Do SafeEntry check-in and check-out
- keep safe distance of at least 1 metre apart before and after classes and wearing a mask
- keep safe distance of at least 2 metres apart during the yoga classes
- to bring your own personal yoga mat if you wish.
- to bring your own personal hand towels and big towel to cover equipment during use (especially porous / fabric)
- All equipment and surfaces that can be physically wiped down are requested to be cleaned by students after class. 
- any volunteers to assist with disinfecting and small cleaning up of common areas (e.g door knobs, taps, hand rails etc) would be very much appreciated!
- to not socialise before and after class (sorry!)
- make bank transfer or PayNow for payment to minimise cash contact if possible

Concern regarding the disinfecting of equipment has been brought up. We have sent the blankets for laundry cleaning for worry of dust or mold during the past months. However due to the limited resources of our set-up, we are unable to disinfect these after each class. For those who are concerned about these issues, do consider bringing your own equipment/ props, or the online classes, or returning to in-person classes at a later stage.

I will be attempting simultaneous online classes while conducting the in-person classes from now to July, and based on how things go this next week, see what format to continue according to the Phase 2 situation. 
Should you miss out a spot for the in-person class, do register for another timeslot or participate in the online sessions! Angie and Su Unn are still continuing the online sessions for June, and we are assessing possible online options for the near future at least. 

I will be contacting those of you who have shown interest in the classes, in a separate email, offline or online regarding the classes for the coming week. For those of you who have reservations or other reasons, do be in touch with us at any time when you are ready. 

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you soon!

Warm Regards,